Skincare Horror Stories

Skincare Horror Stories

With Halloween just around the corner, in this month’s journal, let’s talk about skincare horror stories.

Pimple picking

Most people know they shouldn’t do it but sometimes they just can’t help picking at their skin. Tempting as it might be to try and tackle that spot by squeezing this often only increases discomfort and inflammation. You also risk causing post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring. Best to leave pimple popping to the experts! Try a hydrocolloid patch instead to help combat a big spot and to prevent picking.

Chopping and changing

You might be tempted to try the latest serum, butter or balm but constantly chopping and changing your routine can lead to irritation and even dermatitis. You might also find that you are diluting the efficacy of products by mixing and matching. It’s important to give a product time to work, so try sticking to your routine for at least 6-8 weeks and then assess.

Skimping on SPF

There’s nothing we love more than a beauty hack, but sunscreen contouring is a recipe for sun-damaged skin. This TikTok trend is a definite skincare no-no. Come rain or shine, no matter the season, we should be applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Find one that works for your skin, with a texture that you will enjoy wearing every day. To learn more about sun damage and protection, check out my previous journal post.

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Over-exuberant exfoliation

Achieving your skin goals is a journey. Unfortunately, you can’t simply scrub your way to brighter, clearer, smoother skin. Over-exfoliation is ineffective and will disrupt the skin barrier potentially leading to dryness, redness and irritation. Once or twice weekly exfoliation is generally all that is needed to keep skin looking fresh.


Cold, windy weather, overheated buildings, lack of sunlight and even party season overindulgence can lead to dull, dehydrated skin. Look for moisturising ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and beta-glucan to keep skin dewy and plump. It’s important to also keep yourself hydrated from the inside out. Drink plenty of water, I aim for two litres a day.