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Ribbon lights, skin conditioner and a 'brow mani'? Yes, please...

From the hot hair colour to conditioner for the face (yes, really), consider this your beauty cheat sheet for 2023.


The 12 New Beauty Trends For 2023

The Times gets in touch with Dr Alexis Granite on the new beauty trends for 2023. Consider this your beauty cheat sheet for the year ahead. 


The Acne Update: What The Experts Say About Treating It Now

Vogue gets in touch with Dr Alexis Granite on the current methods of treating acne.


Blemish busters

The Times Luxx gets in touch with Dr Alexis Granite on methods that can make spots vanish.


I Just Spoke to Every Expert I Know — These Are the Only Skin Tips That Matter

Who What Wear lends a helping hand and talks to some of the world's best skincare professionals from dermatologists and aestheticians to surgeons and facialists to help bring some simplicity…


9 Ways You're Making Your Breakouts Worse

Hormones, poor diet and feeling run down all result in the odd breakout, but did you know there are some daily habits that can make the problem worse? We asked…


Ultherapy Review – I tried the non-invasive lunch time face lift

Our Beauty Editor's Ultherapy review reveals all about the skin-tightening treatment


A Dermatologists Guide to Treating Keratosis Pilaris

Known as ‘chicken skin’, keratosis pilaris presents itself as raised bumps – usually on your arms – that can appear scaly and red. While it’s harmless, it can knock your…


Skin School: How to Manage Psoriasis

Everything you need to know about this skin condition, straight from the experts.

Dr. Granite is the best of the best! She has a terrific bedside manner, is very professional and always does a fantastic job.

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