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All About Exosomes

Boost your treatment with EXOIE exosome therapy, a topical application of plant derived stem cells for a firmer, more radiant and rejuvenated complexion.


Radiance Recharge

Lighten, brighten and tighten with BBL and Moxi, two powerful light and laser technologies that work synergistically to improve skin tone, tighten pores and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Introducing Joonbyrd

Well beyond wellness

Drawing on decades of clinical experience discover Dr. Alexis's performance driven products that elevate your everyday.

Embrace the power of fabulous skin. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and effortless, every day.

Dr. Alexis Granite offers a range of state of the art medical and aesthetic treatments to help you achieve your skin goals. Experience the joy, energy and confidence that comes from luminous skin.

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Dr Alexis Granite

Dr. Alexis Granite is a world-renowned expert in medical and aesthetic dermatology. Certified in the US and the UK, she is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).

She has a special interest in skin cancer detection, skin allergy testing, eczema and women’s dermatology including hormone related skin conditions such as acne, hair loss and dermatoses of pregnancy.

Dr. Alexis believes that when it comes to aesthetics, less is more. She brings a subtle artistry to her work so that you can look and feel incredible, every day.

Medical Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology



Face Value

Uncover the secrets to maintaining fresh-looking skin without resorting to major needles.


Six Skin routines to achieve Cillian Murphy’s youthful complexion

Unlock the secrets to achieving Cillian Murphy's youthful complexion with six expert-approved skincare routines.


Seeing Red

Anna Lao-Kann shares her journey in the April issue, revealing how a consultation with Dr. Alexis Granite helped identify her skin diagnosis and a path to clearer skin.

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Faultless service. Dr Laftah is professional, thoughtful, very clear on outcomes and has a particularly friendly approachable reassuring manner. I am a very happy patient thank you all.

Dr Laftah is so caring and good at explaining the procedure. She is conservative in her treatment (advising me to delay when appropriate) and this was much appreciated. I think she’s brilliant.

Adriana was friendly and made me feel at ease. It’s always a pleasant experience, everyone is so welcoming, kind and professional.

A very informative first appointment with Dr Kovacova. I felt listened to, that the advice was balanced and gave me options. I’m glad I chose to visit this clinic first!

Dr. Alexis is wonderfully patient, thoughtful and intuitive. She spends time addressing questions, explaining things and generally making sure you're comfortable.

As always Alexis is incredibly attentive, caring and an absolute master at her craft.

Dr. Alexis is an excellent dermatologist, a consummate professional, and has an easy and warm demeanor that is so helpful, especially when navigating complicated medical information. She is a star and we are lucky to have her in London.

Alexis is absolutely fantastic! She is so easy to talk to, gives great advice, and is excellent at what she does. And always very natural results!



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