Welcome to the Joyful World of Joonbyrd

Welcome to the Joyful World of Joonbyrd

Self-care rituals, both big and small, allow us to reflect, restore and empower. Simple pleasures – colours, fragrances and textures can be transformative, connecting us to our present and our past. It is from this union of joyful nostalgia, years of dermatologic expertise and insight into the biology of well-being that my new wellness brand Joonbyrd was born.

I looked back to my Persian roots for the name Joonbyrd. ‘Joon’ means soul, spirit and life in Farsi, my grandmother’s native language.

Joonbyrd draws on my childhood memories of opening the gold-lidded pots of my grandmother’s lotions and potions and inhaling their sweet scents. A dollop of this, a spritz of that, I learned the significance of self-care, and it never left. Self-care rituals, both big and small, allow us to reflect, restore and empower. Simple pleasures – colours, fragrances and textures can be transformative, connecting us to our present and the past.

Joonbyrd’s brand mission, to deliver joy with purpose, is central to the concept of Affective Wellness™.  Affective Wellness™ is a state of holistic, emotional well-being characterized by the cultivation of positive feelings, individual fulfilment and deep resilience.

Eudaimonic joy refers to the joy derived from long-term pursuits such as purpose, confidence, authenticity and engagement.

Hedonistic joy arises from more fleeting pleasures – by indulging our senses and through experiential enjoyment.

In turn, being effectively well makes it easier for us to find and engage in the many things that bring us joy.

Science with Soul

Too often, the most efficacious products are those that feed the skin but do little for the soul.  Joonbyrd seeks to answer the need for beauty, well-being and lifestyle products that are as emotionally intelligent as they are efficacious, a true marriage of the sensorial and the scientific. My hope is that Joonbyrd will be a trailblazer, a trendsetter, and a force for good. Because little things make big things happen.

Joonbryd is launching essential body care products that bring joyful efficacy into your skincare routine.

Over three years of hard work, dedication, research, and development have gone into developing Joonbyrd’s entirely bespoke formulations. Each product is powered by ALXmd04TM technology, a proprietary blend of ingredients to optimise skin metabolism and barrier function.

The four core pillars of ALXmd04TM technology are:

01: Hardworking Actives
Performance-driven, biocompatible actives of the highest grade have been incorporated into each formulation at efficacy-tested levels to ensure our products optimise skin function and deliver meaningful results.

02: Microbiome Support

Our skin is home to trillions of microscopic organisms. A well-balanced microbiome is vital for skin health and maintenance of the delicate skin barrier, our first line of defence against environmental aggressors.

03: Botanical Extracts

Custom blends of nutrient-rich, bioactive botanical extracts nourish and fortify the skin. Fruits, grains, seeds, herbs, and other plant-derived ingredients are infused throughout our formulas, strengthening skin function via their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.

04: Functional Enhancers

Every Joonbyrd formulation is supercharged with an innovative, intentional enhancer for benefits such as neutralising skin stressors, improving skin microcirculation, immune function and metabolism and even uplifting mood. These include adaptogens, functional mushrooms, nervines, phyto-endorphins and aromatherapy compounds.

All Joonbyrd formulations are paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, microplastic-free, vegan-friendly and of course never animal tested.

Say hello to our launch range…

Moon Swim Body Wash

Enhanced with skin-fortifying vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and prebiotic inulin alongside a signature superfruit blend, this sumptuous body wash works into a rich foam, gently lifting away dirt and impurities, leaving skin delightfully soft and hydrated. Fragrance notes include milky vanilla, caramel, maple syrup and roasted coffee bean.

Little Love Body Lotion

Reveal your smoothest skin with this decadent and deeply replenishing body lotion, enriched with a powerful lipid concentrate of beta-carotene, amino acids, niacinamide and Joonbyrd’s custom superfruit blend. Fragrance notes include milky vanilla, caramel, maple syrup and roasted coffee bean.

Violet Haze Body Scrub

Polish skin with this sumptuous, creamy sugar and chia seed scrub, fortified with radiance-boosting plant-derived butter and oils, skin-soothing active ingredients and botanicals and prebiotic inulin. The rich, velvety lather ensures dead skin cells and impurities are gently swept away without disrupting the delicate skin barrier, revealing softer, silkier, and more luminous skin.

Sunday Sofa Body Butter

Quench dry skin’s thirst while strengthening and rejuvenating the skin with this lush, intensely hydrating body butter, powered by rambutan leaf, a natural retinol alternative, and a hardworking blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and amino acids. As collagen and elastin production is boosted, skin is noticeably firmer and more supple over time. Fragrance notes: vanilla musk, white lily, creamy chocolate, cardamom.

Day Dreamer Body Serum

Tighten, tone, and smooth your skin with this hardworking, silky body serum. Powered by a biomimetic peptide and synthetic sapphire complex alongside potent tightening botanical extracts and antioxidant songyi mushroom, the rich oil in gel formula is a one-stop-shop for skin that feels and looks firmer, healthier, and more rejuvenated. Fragrance notes include guaiac wood, amber, caramel, jasmine, cashmere musk.

Available online at joonbyrd.com and exclusively in-store at SpaceNK, you are invited to step into the joyful World of Joonbyrd.