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A detailed consultation before beginning treatment is an important first step for all medical dermatology patients. This allows Dr. Alexis to understand your concerns and to assess your complexion. She will then develop a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your skin goals. Follow-up consultations allow for a review of your progress and further optimisation of your therapeutic regimen.

Initial medical consultation: £300
Follow-up medical consultation: £250

Initial remote medical consultation: £300
Follow-up remote medical consultation: £250

Medical Treatments

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The aesthetic journey always begins with a thorough consultation. This allows Dr. Alexis Granite to understand your concerns and desired treatment goals. Following an in-depth assessment, she will then provide an honest and balanced opinion of therapeutic options and realistic expectations. From there Dr. Alexis Granite will work with you to create an ongoing, individualised treatment plan.

Initial aesthetic consultation: £300

Dr Alexis Granite
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