Patch Allergy Testing

Patch Allergy Testing

Certain forms of dermatitis may be triggered or exacerbated by skin allergies. TRUE® TEST patch testing is a method for the detection of potential allergens. Patches are applied and assessment takes place over two follow-up appointments. Once testing is complete, you will be provided with a detailed allergen report together with a bespoke list of products suitable for your skin.

What is patch allergy testing?

Patch testing is a procedure to investigate whether dermatitis is caused or made worse by an allergy to substances that have been in contact with your skin. This is called contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis can manifest as an itchy rash, dry, cracked or scaly skin and in severe cases as blisters and swelling. You may feel an itching or burning sensation or tenderness. While contact dermatitis is not contagious, it can be very uncomfortable. Many common substances may cause contact dermatitis, such as cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and plants.

Your patch test assessment – what to expect

Before your patch test, Dr. Alexis will discuss your detailed skin and medical history. This includes reviewing any medication you take, which skin and hair care products you use and household products such as washing powder or softeners. She will also discuss potential occupational exposures.

Your patch test assessment will involve you making three visits to the clinic in a single week. During the patch test process, you should avoid using skincare products on the test area and keep it dry. Avoid strenuous exercise as excessive sweating can cause the patches to fall off.

At the first visit, each substance to be tested will be applied in special small disc containers or ‘patches’, held in place by hypoallergenic tape. Each patch will be marked and may be photographed. After the application of the patches, you may find some of the sites become itchy, but this is normal.

At your second visit, about 48 hours later, any skin reactions at the patch sites will be noted and the tested area will be recovered.

On the third visit, your skin will be examined, and any further reactions noted.

At the end of the test process, Dr. Alexis will provide a comprehensive allergen report and a tailored list of products suitable for your skin and advice on potential ingredients to avoid.

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Alexis is just wonderful! So gentle and has a great eye for treatments. Such a nice experience. Thank you for being so kind.

Alexis is absolutely fantastic! She is so easy to talk to, gives great advice, and is excellent at what she does. And always very natural results!

Dr. Alexis is an excellent dermatologist, a consummate professional, and has an easy and warm demeanor that is so helpful, especially when navigating complicated medical information. She is a star and we are lucky to have her in London.

Alexis is an absolute master of her craft. She has an incredible gift to create a natural subtle yet effective result.

Dr. Alexis is brilliant. She's practical, warm, kind and fantastic at her work. I felt like she was really listening to my concerns and addressing them, and I trusted her instantly in not recommending things I didn't need. Can't recommend enough.