Medical Consultation

A detailed consultation before beginning treatment is an important first step for all medical dermatology patients. This allows Dr. Granite to understand your concerns and to assess your complexion. She will then develop a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your skin goals. Follow-up consultations allow for a review of your progress and further optimisation of your therapeutic regimen.

Initial consultation: £250
Follow-up consultation: £200
Initial remote consultation: £250
Follow-up remote consultation: £200

Medical Treatments


Cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to remove surface skin lesions such as verrucas and keratoses. Treated areas scab over and peel, revealing smoother, unblemished skin underneath. Patients typically return for review 3-6 weeks after cryotherapy to ensure that treated lesions have been completely removed. Intense sun exposure should be avoided 3 weeks prior to and following cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy from £100


Mole mapping begins with a consultation and thorough skin examination. Dr. Granite then utilises state-of-the-art FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM technology to take digital total body photographs. Magnified dermoscopic images may be taken of any skin lesions that require more detailed investigation. This comprehensive ‘mole map’ is then used alongside follow-up skin examinations to track potentially problematic changes in your moles and aid in future management.

Mole mapping £350


Often internal imbalances may be linked to a variety of dermatological conditions. Dr. Granite offers convenient blood testing on-site. Blood tests may be ordered as part of your initial or follow-up consultation and results are typically available within 48 hours.

Blood testing from £200


Certain forms of dermatitis may be triggered or exacerbated by skin allergies. TRUE® TEST patch testing is a useful method for the detection of potential allergens. Patches are applied and assessment takes place over two follow-up appointments. Once testing is complete, Dr. Granite will provide you with a detailed allergen report together with a bespoke list of products suitable for your skin.

Patch allergy testing £375


Dr. Granite performs biopsies and removals of suspicious moles and skin cancers as well as benign lesions such as skin tags and cysts. These procedures are performed under local anaesthetic and sutures may be required. Detailed aftercare and follow-up are provided. Histologic results are typically available within 1 week.

Skin biopsy £400 plus histology fee
Skin excision £700 plus histology fee
Histology fee £185 up to 3 specimens, £50 each additional specimen

Daylight Photodynamic Therapy

Daylight photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a non-invasive treatment for pre-cancerous skin lesions such as actinic keratoses. Chemical sunscreen followed by a photosensitising gel is applied to the affected areas and patients remain outdoors for 2 hours. Crusting and redness of treated lesions is expected and resolves over 1-2 weeks, revealing smoother, healthier skin.

Daylight photodynamic therapy (PDT) £1000

Professional & calm from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Alexis is one of the best dermatologists in London.

Alexis is exceptional. I so appreciate her consultative cosmetic approach and kind manner. I’ve recommended her to others already.