AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch

AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch

AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch is a skin brightening and restoring treatment. Utilising a device tipped with 20 hair-fine gold-tipped needles, AQUAGOLD® creates micro-channels within the skin through which a bespoke cocktail of ingredients is delivered. Infused ingredients are highly customisable and may include vitamins, hyaluronic acid, bioactive compounds and neurotoxin. AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch can be used to improve skin texture, brightness, pigmentation, enlarged pores, and redness. When combined with other treatments such as PRP and skin boosters, AQUAGOLD® helps to enhance aesthetic outcomes.

Recommended course: three treatments, 1-3 months apart.

Pain point: mild
Social downtime: up to 24 hours
Looking good: results are seen within one week
Lasting results: 3-6 months
Gold Balls

Dr. Alexis is brilliant. She's practical, warm, kind and fantastic at her work. I felt like she was really listening to my concerns and addressing them, and I trusted her instantly in not recommending things I didn't need. Can't recommend enough.

Alexis is absolutely fantastic! She is so easy to talk to, gives great advice, and is excellent at what she does. And always very natural results!

Alexis is an absolute master of her craft. She has an incredible gift to create a natural subtle yet effective result.

Dr. Alexis is an excellent dermatologist, a consummate professional, and has an easy and warm demeanor that is so helpful, especially when navigating complicated medical information. She is a star and we are lucky to have her in London.

Alexis is just wonderful! So gentle and has a great eye for treatments. Such a nice experience. Thank you for being so kind.